Bio Health Lab
A spin off of University Campus Biomedico of Rome
Healthcare through innovation

About Us

Let's introduce BHL

Who we are

The Bio Health Lab is an innovative start-up, spin-off of University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome (UCBM).

What we do

BHL designs, develops and markets mobile app and software solutions related to healthcare sector.

How we do it

We succeed in our activities thanks to a multidisciplinary team and a lot of passion for what we do.


Pre-Seed grant

BHL is one of the winners of Pre-Seed grant with SMApp, the app for skin self monitoring (CUP: F87H18001350006).

C.H.I.C.O. member

BHL is officially a member of C.H.I.C.O., the first Cluster of Health in Lazio.

Our Products

We want to make healthcare easier for everyone




Our Amazing Team

A professional partnership between Medicine and Engineering. This is where BHL solutions come from.

Ing. Fabio Aloise


Alfameg S.r.l.

Dr. Federica Bressi

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Specialist at UCBM

Dr. Francesco Calciano


Prof. Manuele Casale


Associated Professor at UCBM

Dr. Michele Lopez


Private Practice

Dr. Roberto Lupo


Dr. Fabio Mangiacapra


Assistant Professor at UCBM

Dr. Massimiliano Paoli


Opera Prima

Prof. Rocco Papalia

Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Head of Department at UCBM

Ing. Domenico Pontari

Software Engineer

WiNK S.r.l.

Dr. Umberto Vespasiani Gentilucci

Internal Medicine and Hepatology

Specialist at UCBM

Dr. Arianna Mangosi

Bio Engineer

Bio Health Lab s.r.l.

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